Choose a dataset and condition for each axis using the controls on the left.

For the x-axis and y-axis conditions, you are free to include and exclude any groups from the categorical observations. But if you are performing a significance test between then two conditions, then ensure that just a single differing group is chosen for each condition.

Some observation metadata may be listed as non-categorical, and will be excluded from consideration. If some observations (such as sample ID or timepoint) are erroneously in this list, it may be because they were loaded in such a way that the dataframe reader interpreted them as continuous (numerical) datatypes.

Feedback on the dataset comparison tool is welcome.

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Plot controls

Hover over the plot and you'll see buttons on the right side, which control actions like zooming and selection of points.

Control icons
The Box and Lasso selection tools allow you to click and drag a shape around genes of interest.
Selecting genes
After you select your desired genes, a list of them all will be displayed.

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